Hi! My name is Marco, I’m a 19 year old kiddo who enjoys coding in his free time.
I grew up eating pizza and playing video games in South Italy, and when I was 16 I decided to properly learn a programming language, and (god knows how) I didn’t give up after a week. I started with Java because I wanted to mod minecraft (level 100 chad here), but hey, it turned out to be quite useful!

After roughly an year I joined the Pixelmon team as a sidemod developer, and I published a few plugins for Sponge. Fast forward an year later, when the mod was shut down thanks to Nintendo, but I had already left the team a few months back.

When unofficial continuations of the mod started to spread, part of the original team decided to revive the mod, and Reforged was created. A few months later I joined the Reforged team, this time as a main mod dev, and I finally accomplished what I wanted to do when I was an even younger kiddo: developing something that would have been enjoyed by thousands of people. The major additions made by me are the Pokérus, and the new PC.


I worked for a lot of servers through out the years, mainly to pay for my dirty cravings (looking at you, useless Vive).
These are the ones that agreed to be my show offs:

I tried to list them in order of appearance, but I couldn’t remember all of them. Apart from those, I also worked full-time for PixelSpark, PokeGeared and Semia.

(watch out for dead links, Minecraft servers are quick to die!)

Public Works

I have many public projects, many of them have made thousands of downloads between server owners. You can find them in my GitHub profile or my Sponge ore.

Contact me

Please send me an email if you have anything to say, I’ll make sure to reach out to you as soon as possible!

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